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California Lawmakers Consider Stricter HIPAA Regulations For High-Risk Patient Populations

While medical conditions are just that, medical conditions, they often come with a negative, unwarranted and demoralizing social stigma.

How-To Make Peace With The Peace Corps

Every social change agent worthy of the name builds and leads a risk-taking organization which endeavors to pioneer innovation, expand the horizons of justice and challenge conventional wisdom.

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Social Work   

Master's Degree in Counseling

Location:New Orleans, Louisiana

Study type: Campus,Online

Public Administration MPA

Location:State University, Arkansas

Study type: campus

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Location:Human Resource Management (HRM), Connecticut

Study type: campus

Social Work MSW

Location:Berrien Springs, Michigan

Study type: campus

Master of Social Work

Location:Los Angeles, California

Study type: online